May 29, 2024



The Fourth Dimension of Packaging

Packages have three dimensions, but there is a fourth dimension that connects us to them. It is what challenges the relationship between of what it is and what it means to the consumer.

There is a common factor among all the food packaging company that exist in the market, in the vast variety of formats and materials that contain the products we consume daily and its that they occupy space. They are shapes that have mass, weight and volume. They have a physical entity that we perceive with all our senses.

Packages have height, width and depth. But in addition to these three dimensions, there is a fourth dimension that is invisible. Up to this point the definition is very scientific, realistic, earthly and it needs some physics knowledge. However, these characteristics of the matter have their nuances.

There are other 3 dimensions:

Structural Dimension

shape, color and texture of a pot.

Graphic Dimension

It identifies the brand and suggests to reusing the package as a flowerpot to keep bees busy.

Experience Dimension

It generates a link that takes the relationship between the consumer and packaging to the next level.

All these dimensions together give rise to a fourth dimension:The emotion which connects us with the brand.

This is the magic part of packaging. But you need to combine science and magic to create a successful design. Science comes from knowledge, research and strategic thinking. Magic is inspiration, talent and creativity.

And why do we have to make such an effort to reach the hearts of consumers?

Strengthening emotional bonds allows consumers to move from following a brand to being real fans. Brands must become “friends” with their consumers, understand them, be trustworthy and meet their expectations. To achieve this, it is necessary that all 食物包裝 expressions are oriented in the same direction: the heart of the consumer.


We are emotional beings and no other aspect of our life is as important as emotions for the quality and meaning of our existence.

When I refer to emotion it is not about what one can feel when a film makes you cry but to the secret feeling beyond reason. Via Roma appeals to emotional photographs of Italian characters to denote their origin and passion for what they do.

Emotion is the link that is created between the brand and the consumer.
It is the feeling that makes someone to be attracted and want to buy the product because they believe in the promise of that brand and in its benefits.

How is the emotional bond achieved?

By creating a brand message directed to the heart of the person who is going to receive it.

The consumer is the protagonist of the situation so that they can live their own story. Be direct. Offer a difference with respect to the competition. Be truly unique and offer something that the competitors cannot give.

Use the correct visual and structural codes and achieve the exact combination between science and magic. Unfortunately, or fortunately for designers, there are no magic formulas to achieve great packaging designs, but there is only a combination of hard work, knowledge, inspiration, reflection and intuition.

The need to create a container to market a product is inevitable, but creating an emotional connection with consumers is something completely different. The real challenge of packaging design is to carefully select each part that forms a whole because every little detail tells us something about the brand. Everything communicates: materials, shapes, textures, colours, images, graphics, copy tone of voice, finishing options, and last but not least, the relationship between each one.