June 22, 2024




辣椒出版有限公司 (Chilli Media Ltd.) 於2002年在香港成立,以出版高科技數碼雜誌為核心業務,旗艦雜誌包括:全港銷量No.1數碼攝影雜誌《DiGi數碼雙周》、高清影音雜誌《AV雙周》、手機選購玩樂30日誌《Mobile Magazine》、高清電腦影音雙月刊《HD Ready》及一系列高質素專業數碼攝影進修專書。


為了加強讀者的服務及聯繫,我們成立了Chilli Club,為讀者免費提供活動、講座、產品資訊及禮物優惠,讓我們更了解讀者的喜好及需要,亦為客戶提供有效的宣傳渠道。


Founded in 2002 in Hong Kong, Chili Media Ltd. publishes magazines of high technology and digital products as its core business. Our flagship magazines include Hong Kong’s best-selling digital photography magazine “DiGi Bi-weekly”, High Definition (HD) audio-visual magazine “AV Bi-weekly”, mobile phone shopping guide “Mobile Magazine”, HD computer audio-visual bi-monthly magazine “HD Ready”, and a series of reference tool books of professional high-quality digital photography.

We have upheld three principles: professional, conscientious, and innovative. We strive to keep up standard of publishing, providing readers instructional product testing reports and buying tips professionally. With innovative minds, we are eager to have excellent writings and to bring our customers amazing reading experience.

The Chili Club has been established to provide readers quality services and to communicate with our customers. The Chili Club launches free-of-charge activities and seminars, as well as providing product information, gifts and concessions. It serves as a good channel to grasp our readers’ interests and needs, and provides excellent promotion opportunities for our customers.

In recent years, we have successfully extended our circulation and readership to Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Taiwan. We now have mounting number of readers from different regions, have our publishing network enlarged, with great potential for future corporate development.