April 18, 2024



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Find Jobs Before You Go To Another Country During Working Holidays

If you have your mind set on going to San Marino, you might want to reign that fantasy in just a bit. Frustratingly, the country will only permit you to work there if you already have a valid visa from another EU country. That’s bound to be double the paperwork so maybe skip it unless you plan to pick a country with an easier application process simply to get there.

Try The Following Places Only If You Don’t Mind Changing Jobs Every Couple Months

A handful of countries on this list will limit the length of your employment visa even if you have a visa valid for a year or more. Australia and Norway will only permit you to work up to 6 months per employer, which can be exceedingly pesky when you enjoy your place of work and don’t want to go back on the job hunt. The Netherlands grant you even less time at 12 weeks per employer whereas in Italy you can only work a total of 6 months in a year but that time has to be split between at least two different employers. Supposing that you want to study as well, both New Zealand and Denmark stipulate that you can do that or work but for only 6 months per activity. Unlike the other two, Australia caps your studies at 4 months, making for a very finite experience. All this switching around might be enough to make your head spin so, in case you want some stability, maybe steer clear of these destinations. If not, enjoy the wild ride.

Get A Job Before You Go-Go

These days it’s not impossible to find a job while abroad, thanks to applications like Skype and Zoom letting people be more connected than ever, including prospective employers. Plus there’s no lack of online resources advertising jobs to foreigners, even if they’re not in the same country. Websites like LingoBongo and Dave’s ESL Cafe are excellent for language teachers while other professional sites such as LinkedIn, Go Abroad, and Overseas Jobs just might be your meal ticket and, consequently, your ticket out of Canada. Get to browsing since you never know what opportunities could be out there.

Prepare To Request A Copy of Your University Transcripts If You’re Still Studying

Some countries, like Mexico and Switzerland, mandate that you hold some type of post-secondary degree from an academic institution while most won’t even bother to ask if you finished high school. The trick is that many working holiday schemes allow students still enrolled in higher educational institutes to apply under a special subcategory even if you haven’t completed your degree. This works by allowing students to study at similar institutes in the new country or to take a break in their studies to gain professional experience overseas via an internship.
More than likely, most go to work on a casual basis to make some extra cash between semesters or during gap years. This concession applies for every country except for Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK which don’t include those subcategories (so much for the power of the Commonwealth).

Kiss The Following Countries Goodbye Unless You Already Have A Job Offer

The hardest part will be finding an employer willing to sponsor your visa agency since this can be a deterrent for many, but simply reassure them that the process won’t cost them a thing besides the ink it takes to print your contract. A contract that’s obligatory in order to apply to South Korea, Switzerland, Mexico and Costa Rica, or any country with an applicable subcategory that demands this, like those mentioned in the previous tip.
For Switzerland, where you’ll need to prove that you’ve received a secondary degree anyway, your field of study must correlate with your job whereas, for South Korea, you’ll also need a copy of your employer’s business registration certificate when you apply.
In the case that you can’t line up work online, it might be worth postponing your application to travel to these countries to be interviewed in person. This will increase your odds but it can be a task whose price tag is sure to be discouraging for some people.

Don’t Be A Professional In The UK

There are certain professions that aren’t exactly welcome to apply under the UK’s visa scheme unless they have the necessary qualifications to work there. This obstruction is mostly directed at medical staff such as doctors and dentists but also includes professional athletes as well as sports coaches.
If you aim to be self-employed, then your gear and equipment cannot be worth more 5000£. Maybe it’s because the government is worried about foreigners taking jobs away from qualified citizens but stay away from here if the mentioned careers are how you usually make your rmoney.