June 22, 2024



Choices for Wedding Rings

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are products of Western church wedding ceremonies after all, and some domestic wedding companies will also tell you to buy them, because the process will require them. This is outrageous, our wedding, of course we have the final say~

After personal practice, the newlyweds have a ring each, and they can often remember to wear them well. A more affordable solution is: the woman chooses an engagement ring with a diamond/gem, and the boy chooses a band with the same engagement ring hk style elements as the woman’s ring. Girls who are afraid of trouble can also abandon the main diamond/gem and choose a band with small diamonds/small gems, which is convenient for daily wear.


“Diamonds are forever” or “Everything can be included”?


Anything we buy is actually an externalized manifestation of the usual thinking and learning process, especially something with special meaning like a wedding ring. It’s 2022, don’t be brainwashed by De Beers’ old-fashioned advertising slogan of the last century, ok? In this age of “everything can be included”, we have so many choices!

No matter what kind of wedding ring you choose, the most important thing must be the meaning to the two of you and whether you like it, rather than being obsessed with buying or not buying diamonds. Spend the same money, don’t force yourself into a narrow path while spending. To spend happily, spend suddenly.

So, what is all-encompassing (mosaic)?

Let me give you a few examples to help you open your mind~ I have a friend who traveled to Tibet at a low point in his life and met his current partner. To commemorate their acquaintance when they got married, they set a pair of rings inlaid with turquoise. The main stone of diamond rings hk for girls is slightly larger, while for boys it is mainly a silver circle with a little bit of turquoise.

Some boys know more about birthstones or the five elements and so on, and they choose the color treasure ring suitable for their partner to propose, which is also very sweet. Or some know that their fiancee especially likes a certain material, such as Hetian jade, agate or jade, to make an engagement ring with a Chinese wedding style. In the circle of friends, there are ancient porcelain restorers who used a piece of Song Dynasty celadon and encased a ring for their lover (the love that spanned thousands of years belongs to yes). I have also seen a gold-clad ring with a small piece of agarwood (it is actually a pair of rings), what can’t be wrapped?

If it is meaningful to you and you really like it, even a small pebble you find on the road can be wrapped into a wedding ring. With so many generations of design and mosaic factories in China, it is not difficult to implement your little ideas.