July 19, 2024



Chinese Nuptial Dress

As we mentioned, red is the speed of all Chinese people, because red is considered good fortune that can drive out evil. So you’ll find the partner and consort wearing red in their espousal part.

The traditional Chinese wedding dress in northern China is normally a dress called a cheongsam with exquisite gold and flatware patterns embellished on it. Spouses in southern China prefer to wear a two- piece gown called Qúnguà or Kwa, which is elaborately decorated with golden dragons and phoenixes.


Cover Veil

In a traditional Chinese nuptial solemnity, the spinster is handed over by the spinster. Her head is covered with a red wraps, which hangs over her shoulders throughout the period. It wasn’t until all the relations and pals had left that the wraps was lifted. The spinster only needs to lift the wraps by himself.

Imagine that when the partner sits on the edge of the new bed, when the partner lifts his coverture and sees a blushing and heated face under the mousy gloaming, that’s a special and sweet moment. The marital coverture is related to the special occasions where aficionados long for life.


Chinese espousal dresses At the espousal, the bridegroom normally wears a duo of special espousal shoes. For prototype, in Minnan front, the man must wear a dyad of shoes hyperbolized with turtle or deer motifs, representing blessings, happiness and date after marriage.

In southern Zhejiang, the man must wear a dyad of shoes called “ shoes on the motorboat presider” before getting on the motorboat presider to solicit for good luck.

The bachelorette or others can make nuptial shoes. These shoes are made of red and green cloth, normally with soft soles. When the bachelorette is going to step on the powerboat presider, she should wear these shoes.

In some places, kins who are considered lucky make correspondent shoes, while in other places, they’re made by the spouse and another single girl on the morning of the espousal day.