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Cover Story CP+ Playing in 2012 ‧Canon EOS-1D X ‧Nikon D800 ‧Pentax K-01 ‧Olympus OM-D E-M5 ‧Sigma DP2 Merrill

This year, CP+ (Camera & Photo Imaging Show) is in its third year and coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of photography in Japan. As early as the birth of CP+ in 2010, CIPA has indicated that CP+ in 2012 will be “playing hard” and launch a large number of key products. Even after last year’s earthquake and tsunami, Japanese camera manufacturers started to show the world that Japan is the leader of the contemporary camera industry, and as promised two years ago, determined to shape CP+ into the world’s first one-finger image fair. This year, DiGi made every effort to report the latest trends and new machine information of CP+ manufacturers.

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Neo: X big ratio and 4 major brand flagship AV amplifier evaluation

CoverStory audio and video players have extremely high requirements for AV amplifiers. The selected amplifiers not only have a complete connection interface, but also support the latest surround sound playback mode. This issue of AV Home finds Onkyo TX-NR5009, The Pioneer SC-LX85 and the Sony STR-DA5700ES 3 are also tested by the brand’s flagship amplifier in 2011. They support both 9.1-channel and the latest DTS Neo:X playback mode. In addition, Marantz AV7005 the combination of the pre-stage and the MM7055 post-stage introduces the reader to the advanced gameplay of AV amplification.

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Cover Story
Look forward.Review
From 2011 to 2012

Here comes to the annual review of Mobile Magazine, comparing 2010, 2011 can be regarded as the trend of year, and continues to be the battle between Android and Apple iPhone (/iOS). Samsung may be out of expectation, comparing to the tablet, tablet failed to cause too much enthusiasm. The new machine is playing as massive as usual. The re-playing of the Nokia WP7 is one of the key points. In addition, major updates of the two systems (iOS 5 and Android ICS 4.0) may be more important than the new one. .

Prosumer DC Evaluation guide $58

With the trend of the Prosumer DC shooting, different brands have also launched a new generation of Prosumer DC with great image quality, aestheticism, intelligent optimization and artistic sublimation, in order to make a professional “big machine” D -SLR effects and features. With the integrated structure design, Prosumer DC can often install a high-quality lens in a small size, but the price is attractive, suitable for the young and female user market, can also be used as a second camera choice for professional photographers.